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antoine bontz on a handmade barstool
Antoine Bontz

970 . 213 . 2460

(Colossians 3:17)

Antoine Bontz – Live Edge & Resin Artist.

Hi, I’m Antoine! I invite you to view my creations.

I have a great love for creating hand made, one of a kind pieces.

I am inspired by nature and enjoy bringing the peace nature gives me into your home or office.

I am always learning the ways of the old-time craftsmen. Some of my favorite days are when I spend time carving the wood to uncover the beauty and uniqueness each slab carries. 

My style of what I create is what I call “rough elegance.”

I try to create balance & harmony, bringing out the beauty of the wood and the elegance of the piece. I lean towards showing natures beauty in the wood over a perfectly finished piece, as often the imperfections in the wood are important and interesting, and should be highlighted to add character and uniqueness to the work.

In Progress

Pieces are created custom for each client. Follow along my “In Progress” page for updated pictures as the pieces come to life. 

My work